Attention to Details - Lemax Figurines

August 28, 2019

Attention to Details - Lemax Figurines

One of our favorite parts of setting up our Lemax displays is placing the figurines. We just can't get over all the fun little details of these little pieces! They really bring the whole display alive. Lemax has such a variety of choices for you to choose from; anywhere from creepy clowns to classic skeletons. Depending on your preferred theme, there is always something to choose from. Here are some of our favorites this year:

52315 I Scream U Scream

Lemax Figurine 52315 I Scream U Scream

This scary clown figurine is a 2 piece set. We love this piece because of the small details like the ice cream chest sitting on top of the bike with a red and white umbrella on top. It's these small little details that makes us LOVE this particular piece.

84341 Buckets of Candy

No display is complete without some accessory pieces. If you on the fence about purchasing an accessory, hesitate no more! We always tell our customers that this is where all the fun is!! Big pieces are so important but these small details people will notice! Here is a Lemax accessory Buckets of Candy, in front of any home or retail shop is the perfect accent.

Lemax Accessory 84831 Buckets of Candy

84339 Boo Pumpkins

No Lemax Spookytown display is complete without some pumpkins! We love our Boo Pumpkin piece because it provides just the right touch of color to any overall black and grey display. These and the Maple Trees as well!

Lemax Accessory 84339 Boo Pumpkin

82569 Zombie Garden Gnomes

These are the cutest but scariest accessories I've ever seen! These go great with the new Michael's Exclusive this year - Garden of Eaten. I love placing them in the kitchen for an extra scare for the kiddos!

Lemax 82569 Zombie Garden Gnomes

64054 Scary Road Signs

Don't forget every town need signs! Scary Road Signs go great with any kind of village you set up. The wording on these signs add for an extra fun interest. You can also make some DIY signage for these street signs to match if you are up for a more fun project with the family. This sign also add a very much needed pop of color for every Lemax display.

Lemax 65054 Scary Road Signs

94524 Happy Owl-O-Ween

These set of 3 owls can often be overlooked but for a keen collector's eye, it will be spotted right away! these are some fun accessories that can fit into any theme display you have. Who doesn't love little cute owls?!?

2019 Lemax Accessory 94524 Happy Owl O Ween


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