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Excited about our New 2018 Lemax Village Pieces!

March 06, 2018

New 2018 Lemax Village Houses

Shopping for our new 2018 Lemax Village pieces was super exciting!! I loved walking the showroom and being able to see their creative displays and all the exciting new pieces. Every year I feel they outdid themselves and the next year I feel the same way again. I'm not sure how they do it, but I feel like a kid in a candy store!

I'm excited to share a few of my personal favorites. Starting with...

Elf Made - 2015 "You Name it, We Create it" contest Winner

Lemax 75190 Elf Made

A beautifully made piece! This piece was a 2017 Michael's Exclusive and is now available everywhere this year. We love all the moving parts and the very festive coloration of this piece.

85307 The Crypt Casino

85307 Lemax The Crypt Casino

This exterior lighted building has a lot of detail and a fun soundtrack. I have quite a few Lemax Spooky Town pieces but I don't remember ever seeing a Spookytown Casino. Every time I look at this piece, I feel like I discover something new about it.

84388 Reindeer Hot Air Balloon

84388 Lemax Reindeer Hot Air Balloon

 I love how this helps to create some height in the display. and you can get 2-3 of these and place them at different heights to really bring some motion into your display area. This item is a great gift even for the non-collector.

Well those are some of the many great things Gift Spice will be offering this year in our online store. Get your Lemax decorating funds ready collectors, Lemax has introduced some really great pieces this year! Happy collecting!

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