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How To Set Up Smaller Lemax Spookytown Displays

September 11, 2019

How To Set Up Smaller Lemax Spookytown Displays

Often times, when our customers look at our displays at trade shows their first response is: we don't have space for that in our home. We totally understand how setting up a display on a large dining room table seems a bit much for some new collectors or simply because they just don't have the space.

So in this article we wanted to share some quick tips and tricks to a space to instantly give it a Halloween vibe by adding just 2-4 Lemax pieces.

1. Entry Way

This is our personal favorite place to decorate because it sets the mood the instant someone walks in your home. And when the trick or treaters come, they can see your awesome display!

The key here is to pick a piece with a fun spooky soundtrack. For this display we picked out 75172 Mad Pumpkin Patch. This great piece features lots of movements and a great Halloween soundtrack. You can view this product video here.

We sprinkle in a few other accessories such as the 44146 Maple Tree and 93445 Pumpkin Truck to spruce up the vignette. We are a big fan of using our other non-Lemax decor to give it an extra fall look.

Lemax spookytown 2019 Display

 2. Dining Room Table

In our family, we spend a lot of time at the dining room table. We like to catch up and hang out on this table. So, why not give it a spooky vibe! We like to spruce up the table with some of the smaller table pieces, figurines and accessories.

We usually choose 6-8 of our favorite accessories and place them in the center of the table. It's definitely not the biggest statement, but we really believe less is more in this case!

Lemax 2019 Spookytown Display

3. Night Stand

We love using these houses has nightlights. You can create a simple spooky vignette to instantly make your room Halloween-ready! We choose 1 or 2 houses and a few accessory pieces.

For this vignette, we chose the classic 54902 Spooky Hollow Pumpkin Patch. This by far is one of my FAVORITE pieces from Lemax. It's been out since 2015, but it is just such a classicly spookytown piece! From the coloration to the lighting, it makes for a great add on to a large display but it also has enough details to be a great stand alone display.

Lemax 2019 Spookytown display

The key to these smaller displays is finding the right piece to go on your display that you want to highlight. Also, placing these displays in high traffic areas in your home. That way your family and your guests can enjoy them.

Happy decorating!!

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