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Gift Spice Product Review: Lemax Spooky Town Scariest Halloween House #25330

May 23, 2018

Lemax Scariest Halloween House #25330

Looking for a Lemax house that conveys Halloween spirit, isn't too scary, and has all the cute Spooky Town details?? Look no further - 25330 Scariest Halloween House is the one you want!

Here at Gift Spice, we love to review new Lemax product releases to give our customers the inside scoop on the latest collector's items.  This is an older Lemax item but we loved it so much we decided to carry it in our line for 2018. We love the color and the details. Check out the close up shots we have below:

Scary Skeleton in coffin scene in the driveway

25330 Scariest Halloween House

Love the signage on all the Lemax houses, definitely take the time to read them. Some of them are quite funny and some even rhyme!

25330 Scariest Halloween House

One of my favorite things about Lemax houses is their inside scenes. There is a lot of detail in these scenes that really make the piece come alive.

25330 Lemax Scariest Halloween House

The reaper detail above the main entrance gives this house an extra spooky feel!

Lemax 25330 Scariest Halloween House

Conclusion: Even though this house is not new for Lemax collectors, we absolutely ADORE this house. I'm definitely going to add this one to my collection. I think this would make a great gift even for a non-collector because there is enough details on this that makes this piece stand out.

Lemax 25330 Scariest Halloween House

 Happy Villaging Gift Spicers!!


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