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Summer Collection from Lemax Collectibles!

May 31, 2017

Summer Collection from Lemax Collectibles!

Hi Everyone, I'm so excited to be writing about a really cool collection we've started called Seashell Cove. This collection features unique pieces from the Plymouth Corners theme from Lemax Collectibles. Picking pieces without Christmas decor and adding them to our collection, we were so excited how awesome these pieces look next to some of our beach-y decor.

So why a summer collection? Well we say why not! We love decorating our homes for Halloween, Fall, and Christmas. So why don't we start in the summer and transform our Lemax displays from Summer to Winter!

I love the idea of creating nautical vignettes around the house especially in areas where people sit around like the center of a dining table or a coffee table. They are great conversation starters!

So make sure to browse through our Seashell Cove collection to start your Lemax Village Collectible summer display today!


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