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Upcoming New 2019 Lemax Spookytown Items

March 14, 2019

NEW LEMAX Spookytown 2019

When selecting our new Gift Spice 2019 program for Halloween we wanted to showcase 2 major themes - Pumpkins and Amusement Park rides.

I don't know about you but I just LOVE the new Lemax pumpkin themed items that have been coming out the past few years. The orange coloration just gives my usual grey and black spookytown village a real nice pop! We usually use the orange maple trees to help with that but when you have a piece like the 75172 The Mad Pumpkin Patch, boy does it spice up your display. Not only are there tons of movements but you really get the "bang for your buck!" Check out this video below

Another one of team's favorites this year is the 95444 Pick Me Pumpkin Wagon. This cute piece is first of all a trailer! I've noticed in the past few years, Lemax has added quite a few of these trailers. I definitely like this version of a trailer than the 75186 Creepy Camper. This trailer has more little details and it's even shaped in a pumpkin, how cute is that?!?

For you spooky piece lovers, you will LOVE the 94488 Graveyard Party. This piece has a lot of movement going on and a ton of details to look at. There are the dancers twirling, the man sitting up from the coffin, than the zombies chasing each other on the larger track, than you have the zombies behind the tombstones moving up and down. And my personal favorite, the disco ball! I love the little details Lemax puts in each of their designs. You can view all the exciting animations in this product video.

Finally my personal favorite this year: 94486 Crazy Clown express. This train is bright in color and super fun in the little details. However, if you don't like clowns, this is probably not the best piece for you this year :) it takes crazy clowns to a whole new level. From the crazy clown shoe cart to the rotating clown in the caboose, you definitely get the full spooky vibe from this train set. View the video below and see for yourself!

All in all, this year's Lemax 2019 Spookytown collection has not only the wow factor but the spookiness too! Gift Spice will start selling their new pieces early summer, stay tuned to sneak peaks from now until then for snap shots of our new pieces.

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