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Why the Lemax Father Daughter Dance #74224 is "Oh so special"

February 26, 2018

Why the Lemax Father Daughter Dance #74224 is

It is truly is impressive how village collectibles manufacturers like Lemax anticipate the interests of their collectors and introduce new concepts, upgraded workmanship and improved artistry each year that really resonates. This past year, one piece in particular stood out to me… The Lemax Father Daughter Dance #74224.  Of course the Sights and Sounds collector’s item is extremely well made and beautifully designed but for me there is a deeper connection.

As a dad of a 10-year old daughter I have now proudly attended 6 Father Daughter dances. Each year these dances have had a different theme ranging from western to 50’s sock hop to 80’s to Disco to the Great Gatsby…what will be next? These dances are as memorable as they are fun. Starting with a photo shoot at home, then on to dinner-for-two on the town, followed by hula hoop and limbo contests all culminating in the Father Daughter slow dance -It’s just an incredible time. The priceless memories made and the bonds built truly makes the Father Daughter Dance one of my favorite nights of the year.

So needless to say, when the Lemax Father Daughter dance was released in 2017 I knew it would instantly become one of my favorite pieces. Lemax' depiction of such a fun and meaningful night is very realistic and very well made. The father-daughter teams swing around the dance floor each with their own style and panache. All in good fun, each team vies to take the top spot and earn the first place trophy so proudly presented at the winner’s table. The dancers, all uniquely crafted characters, glide around the floor of the “Snowflake Dance” so gracefully making for such a realistic and cozy atmosphere.

There is always so much fun to be had at these dances but they are only held once a year.  The good news is, now I can bring this Lemax Sights and Sounds piece home to serve as a reminder to me and my daughter of all the memories we've made year after year.  I truly love it and so will you. This exquisite piece sets a festive vibe in any holiday village collection.

Happy Villaging!

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