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  • Lemax Caddington Village 2020

    Lemax Caddington Village

    A Victorian Christmas Extravaganza

  • New Lemax Christmas 2020

    2020 Lemax Christmas & Fun

    Collect them before they are sold out

  • Gift Spice Lemax Exclusives 2020

    Lemax Exclusives

    You will only find these at

  • Lemax Santa's Wonderland 2020

    Lemax Santa's Wonderland

    New & Wonderous creations from the north pole

  • Lemax Sugar N Spice 2020

    Lemax Sugar N' Spice

    Collect these sweets before they are gone

  • SPOOKY TOWN 2021

    Start Shopping

Video: Staff Favorite
Lemax Yuletide Carousel 94525

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