Lemax Christmas 2018 now available!  Collect your favorites Here.

  • A Victorian Christmas

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  • A Country Living

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  • Summer Nautical Series: Seashell Cove

    Old New England Seaside Town featuring Plymouth Corners Village by Lemax

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  • Mountain Retreat

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  • Lemax Candy Cane Lane

    featuring Sugar N Spice by Lemax

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  • Lemax Gothic Galore

    A gothically inspired collection from Lemax Collectibles

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  • Lemax All Aboard

    A spooky collection featuring Lemax Spookytown trains and much more!

  • Lemax The City of the Dead

    Lemax Spookytown collection of the living dead: zombies!

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VIDEO: Staff Favorite

VIDEO: Staff Favorite

Lemax Spooky Town 45672 Mr. Gloom Observatory

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