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Lemax 32203 Merry Newsboy

Lemax 32203 Merry Newsboy

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SKU#: 32203
Description: Shouting the headlines and waving a newspaper, the Merry Newsboy can be found in the afternoons in the town square selling papers with the latest news. Today he is dressed warmly for the winter in his scarf and newsboy cap. The top headline is Santa's Nice and Naughty List, someone has spilled the beans on some of the naughty names and the word is all over town. Get a paper quick before they sell out!
  • Approx. size (H x W x D)
    2.87 x 2.17 x 0.98 inches
    7.3 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm
  • Year Released: 2023
  • Made of: Resin
  • Product type: Figurines
  • Electrical: Non-Electrical
  • Village: Caddington Village
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